Invasive Species Profiles

Daphne Laurel

All parts of Daphne laurel have toxic compounds, which can lead to dermatitis or poisoning.


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Orange Hawkweed

Bright and beautiful, this plant steals valuable forage habitat from our deer and bears.

orange hawkweed

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English Ivy

This climbing evergreen can topple trees and accelerate building deterioration                                                                     


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Periwinkle is a garden escapee that crowds and discourages growth of native plants.

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Policeman’s Helmet

Seed pods from Policeman’s helmet can explode and send seeds up to 5 meters away from the plant.


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Garlic Mustard

This Provincially designated EDRR species has hopefully been eradicated from our region though we are still on the look out for it.

Garlic Mustard

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Purple Loosestrife

Nearly 3 million seeds are produced by this aquatic invader.                                                          


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Giant Hogweed

This not-so-friendly giant causes problems for the environment and human health


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Scotch Broom

Scotch broom oozes toxic substances into the soil that prevents native plans from establishing. 


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Himalayan Blackberry

Himalayan blackberry can leap frog across an expanse of land in only a few years.                                                             


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Yellow Flag Iris

Native to Europe, North Africa, Western Asia and the Mediterranean, yellow flag iris has escaped cultivation and is displacing native plant diversity.


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Japanese Knotweed

This resilient superweed can grow through concrete foundations and walls, and can grow from only a few milligrams of root fragment.                                  


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Yellow Lamium

Illegal dumping had allowed this plant to take over precious parklands.


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