Invasive Species Profiles

European Fire Ant


European Fire Ant (Myrmica rubra)

The European Fire Ant has been confirmed in a few locations within the Metro Vancouver region. As a newly discovered alien invader in our region, we are working with our stakeholders to gather information about the ants and their locations and to support their containment and control efforts.

It is important to note that there are many species of ants, including red ones, that are native to our region. Please do not assume that any red ant you see is a European Fire Ant. 

Fire Ants can be very difficult to identify, even for a trained eye with a hand lense. For help identifying European Fire Ants, please go to Dr. Higgins website 

For complete information on the status of Eueopean Fire Ant in BC, what to do if you think you have them on your property, how to collect and submit a sample, how to get rid of them and how to prevent them, please go to the BC Inter-Ministry Invasive Species Working Group Website for comprehensive information.