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Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver

The Invasive Species Council of Metro Vancouver, formerly the Greater Vancouver Invasive Plant Council, is a non profit society that is working to improve the way we manage invasive species in the Metro Vancouver region. There are many biological invaders in our region that threaten the environment, economy and public safety. The purpose of this site is to provide you with information about invasive species, specific species of interest in our region, control methods, ISCMV's services and to keep you updated on invasive species activities in the region. 

What's New?

The ISCMV is holding its 2015 Annual General Meeting and Regional Invasive Species Strategy Implementation Workshop on June 16th, 2015 in Richmond.  Come and celebrate our 2014 successes and help us implement the first ever urban invasive species strategy in the world!  Click here to register.

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Do you have knotweed on your property and want to know what to do about it? Check out our Knot on My Property resources. Videos and printed materials will help you plan your treatment strategy.

What does ISCMV do?

  • Raises the profile of invasive species
  • Provides education to the public and land managers on invasive species
  • Provides land managers assistance with planning invasive species management
  • Conducts on-the-ground management of invasive plants (inventory and control)
  • Conducts research activities pertaining to invasive species management
  • Provides regional direction on invasive species management